deanzay said: The Lulu Riven synergy is strong. And we never even got to skype :'(

We still can! :’D 

Anonymous said: Alcohol is good, only way I'd get through that horrible movie :P

Rude, that movie is awesome. 

deanzay said: I don't fucking know it's driving me insane. My phone bill is insane because I use the internet so much on my phone. I've played 6 games of league in a month and a half and I just am hating life atm :'(

Errrrgh I need my Riven back ;____; 

deanzay said: You were meant to reply with a cute selfie and unbore me :(

I would’ve if I could!!!! I was about to and my phone did the thing and died. Bleep boop. When do you have internet again!!!

Anonymous said: Ok I do popcorn you do drinks? You can't burn drinks right?

I have alcohol, because dry July is over. Gotta jump right in thur obviously.

Anonymous said: Invite? I'll bring the drink if you make us some popcorn?

I burnt popcorn the other day, only I could do that.

deanzay said: Check ur mobeel foen


Anonymous said: What was that? I couldn't hear you over the size of my huge penis. That song/movie was so dumb.

I love that movie and I really wanna watch it now.

Anonymous said: The Sweetest Thing - The Penis Song. Look it up.

OH YEAH, I have seen that. Oops.